There are a multitude of mosaics available in all types of materials and Natural Stones. The most popular ranging from slate, marble, travertine, onyx, pebble stone, mother of pearl, and a huge selection of glass mosaics.

Mosaics range in sizes from 1/2″ to 5/8″ and larger pieces mounted on netted sheets. These mosaicsare available in popoular shapes such as Octagons, honeycomb, Circular, Oval , and your conventional square – which is most commonly seen.  Using mosaics in your design not only adds an artistic touch, but adds interest in the specific surface that it’s being applied to.

For example, if you needed a mosaic that you wanted to add to your backsplash in a bathroom you would most likely want to choose a mosaic that carries a color that is similar to the countertop as a cohesive design that would be able to pull the colors and compliment both countertop and mosaics chosen as well. For any questions or comments please leave a message for me below and i’ll be sure to answer it for you!