Would you like the feeling of being away in a paradise where you can bathe in a stone grotto and where waterfalls wash the dirt away from your body?  Hopping on a plane whisking away to an island retreat every time you take a bath is great, if you’re a millionaire.  What is the next best thing? Slate and quartzite stone tiles in your tub, shower walls and bathroom floor.

Slate is a micro-crystalline metamorphic rock commonly derived from shale.  Quartzite is metamorphosed sandstone, with a texture similar to slate with more iridescence.  These materials are more commonly seen in exterior areas.  But only for the creative and open-minded, can these materials be used and are practical in indoor areas also. They are very natural in color and texture and give you and very organic color scheme and feel.

Slate Versailles Pattern (Photo Below)

Since slate can be found in many different shapes, mosaics and sizes think about what kind of design you want in your bathroom.  Do you want uneven or flat slate tiles? Do you want square or irregular tiles? Many different shapes and sizes are available to meet your design and we are here to help you select the correct ones for your home retreat.

Harvest quartzite ledgerstone (Photo Below)

Check out photos from our clients bathroom that we reomodeled (BELOW.) Here we used Harvest quartzite ledger stone to create a bathroom spa retreat for them:

China Multicolor Slate Tub Area (Photo Below)

China Multicolor Slate Shower (Photo Below)

Our next shower (BELOW) is installed in our showroom, with a polished Ocean Green quartzite 6″ x 12″ on the walls and matching moldings around the picture frame. The shower pan and inside picture frame is slate in random mosaic form (all materials availabe at Surfaces USA).

We have over 30 shower installations in our 5 showrooms  to inspire you an spark your creativity! If you don’t see it in our showroom, then let’s order it or work together to create something original.