Are you planning to replace your kitchen or bathroom countertop or are you doing a kitchen or bathroom remodel and need to decide what surface you want on top? I titled this blog entry the “Art” of Shopping for Countertops, because that’s exactly what it is. Shopping for a countertop is no where near similar to shopping for an evening dress, suit, or grocery shopping. For most homeowners, this will be a life long decision – especially if you intend to use natural stone countertops.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you are shopping for your natural stone countertop material:

1) You have to consider that besides the cabinets, the material you choose for your countertop surface will serve both for function and for ascetics. It is the ingredient that will help to pull all your other elements together.

2) Some homeowners start their remodeling project with the countertop selection, others start with the cabinets. Regardless of where you begin you should bring some tools with you as you shop. Bring whatever other materials you have being integrated in the area. Such items as, cabinet finish, door style (the door style may determine if you want a material with a lot of movement or a simpler pattern), flooring, paint, and furniture colors.

3) Another helpful tip is to remember that the lighting in your space is different than the lighting in the store where you will view materials like granite and marble. Therefore, once you narrow your selection down, it is always a good idea to take the natural stone sample home to your space and see it in the correct lighting.

The passion that you feel when you see all the design elements come together will put the fun back into your project. You will feel confident in your selection, and enjoy your new countertop for years to come.

What kind of countertops are you shopping for now? What material are you most insterested in? Post your comments and questions here, and I’ll make sure to respond.