“I Love ZOE because our house is so beautiful and clean. I have parents that take good care of me now,” says Nong a 16 year old orphan that has been rescued from an abusive home. Nong can now count on a comfortable place to sleep and can look up to positive role models thanks to the support of Surfaces USA in North Hollywood, CA.

ZOE Children’s Homes is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children who are orphaned, have been sold into human trafficking, and are victims of heinous crimes.  When the representative from ZOE introduced herself and began to speak about these children, Surfaces USA knew they couldn’t just stand around and do nothing! The company got involved by sponsoring Nong and hopes to be more involved with the organization. “It’s hard to believe human trafficking is still going on in the United States, let alone where most of the victims are children.”

Surfaces USA will help ZOE Organization afford to care for children like Nong by providing housing, food, education, hygiene, healthcare, and clothing. Surfaces USA is also very involved with other child wellness organizations such as Children of the Nations, The Boys and Girls Club, and more.


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