Because I am an experienced Certified Interior Designer, people are always asking me how they can select the best countertop for their home remodeling projects. Whether it is for kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living spaces the question I pose to them is, “Which countertop do you feel most passionate about?”

I tell them,  “You will know as you travel the slab yards which one will just jump out at you and ignite this passion.” I strongly believe that when selecting a countertop material for your home, it should be about the feelings that are evoked when you look at that slab for the first time. It could be the most beautiful piece of granite that you have ever seen, and yet there will always be someone that prefers a different one.

Keep in mind that the material that you select should adorn your countertops and be the element that seamlessly ties in your cabinets, backsplash, flooring and other details. As a person who appreciates the beauty of natural stones, I often get emotional about my clients selections and always bring my desire to seek out the passion. The ultimate result of your endeavor will be a room of your dreams that you can live with for years to come.

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