One of the most common ways we take our first outdoor shower is at the beach. Do you remember how refreshing it felt?

We go home from the beach feeling refreshed and invigorated. What you may not realize is that you feel rejuvenated because you are interacting with nature. That’s why one of the best ways to rejuvenate our spirit is to go into nature. Water happens to be one of natures most healing properties.

We don’t all live close to the beach. And you don’t have to be shivering in a sandy swimsuit to appreciate an open-air shower. Even landlocked homeowners—stressed-out townies, gritty green thumbs, suburban soccer dads—are discovering that bathing outdoors is not just practical, it’s downright luxurious. We can still optimize the space that we do have. Installing an outdoor shower is one way to optimize your living space.

Outdoor showers also accent pool areas or backyards, providing a convenient place to clean off and a yard feature that is artistic and functional. A shower outdoors is one of those things that seems odd at first, but when people see them at someone else’s place, they end up wanting them for their own backyard.

Picture above: Showers can be designed to blend in with your surroundings.  This was a great way to use a retaining wall that would have no use otherwise.

Materials used: Walls- Lotus multicolor slate 12×12

Shower pan- river rocks.

Picture above:  This outdoor shower layout is more complicated with a vanity, a changing room area and a door.

Materials used: walls- Crema Marfil Honed 8”x8”

Shower pan- natural river rocks.

Picture above: This shower was designed

To be an accent on the wall adding décor to the
exterior of the house.
Materials used: Walls- Mexican had painted tiles,
decos and moldings.

Picture above: This shower was designed to be natural, serene

and to blend in with the exterior surroundings.

Materials used: Walls- Interlocking stacked stone on mesh.

Picture above: This zen like design shower is like an art piece in the middle of the garden.

Materials used: 5/8”x 2 glass tile.


Consult with with our knowleadgable sales staff today and we will help design the outdoor shower that’s perfect for you.