Many homeowners think it’s impossible to update their home without investing in the cost of a total kitchen or bath remodel. When in reality, sometimes a simple update is all you may need to invigorate your surroundings and increase the value of your home at the same time.

The most cost-effective and simple investment would be to update the color in the home. This fast and inexpensive fix could include paint and new countertops. It is amazing what a difference a new color on the walls and cabinets or a new countertop and
backsplash can dramatically change the feel and look of your kitchen.

Don’t be afraid to remove older worn cabinets, and update them with paint. It does not have to be painted a solid white, as most people think that is the only option for them.
Browse through our extensive image gallery on and flip through some design publications to see if a style calls to you. With a little professional design knowledge and guidance, you should be able to recreate that style to suit your budget. As a professional interior designer, I have helped many homeowners do just that. Here are a few ore simple quick fixes:

1) To update an older set of wood cabinet doors, simply use a cream color base with a brown glaze on top. This technique will look like you invested thousands of dollars in classic new cabinets.

2) To update your 80’d style tile countertops- replace it with beautiful new granite and a mosaic tile backsplash. Your troubles with old broken and cracked tile and grout will disappear.

3) If your budget permits, you can replace your flooring with some affordable and easy maintenance tile, which will complete the whole look of your room without breaking the bank.
These are just some of the very simple and affordable updates that will make your investment last a long time. A fresh coat of paint and a beautiful solid granite countertop will make it a pleasure for you to spend time in your kitchen. You will feel delighted about opening up your home to your family and friends this holiday season. Happy Holidays!