Porcelain Wood Look Flooring Tiles and Planks

 Get the Natural Look Without the Hassle

Wooden flooring provides an elegant and nostalgic look that can often dictate the classy atmosphere of a home. However, many hardwood floors can be difficult to care for and different stains and finishes may lead to uneven wear.

Porcelain Wood look tiles and planks beautifully emulate the antique weathering, fine grain, and rich hues of natural hardwood. This porcelain surface is not only highly durable, but also resistant to many of the cleaning and maintenance concerns that are encountered with natural wood floors. Water damage is not an issue and minimal grouting options can provide a seamless fit that will not succumb to warping. These factors allow for that highly desirable natural wood look without the worry.

Another intriguing aspect of wood look tiles and planks is the variety of colors and styles that are available from sources around the world. From pale, weathered beach wood, to rich fine grain teak, these tiles are crafted with a uniform precision to offer neatness and a polished finish. Not only can this complement a number of existing decors, but can also provide the foundation for a full makeover.

Porcelain also offers great versatility. It is highly applicable in spaces and conditions where regular wood flooring may not be as strong of an option. This can include bathrooms and spas, but can also extend to outdoor patios and deck spaces. The creative choices expand with this enhanced application, and can allow for new ideas in remodeling and construction. The high quality porcelain also makes wood like tiles easy to install and gives a number of choices regarding striation patterns and overall lay out. This can generate an entire new look for a home and can increase the comfort and sense of wellbeing that is felt within the environment.

  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Highly Durable
  • Huge variety in colors and textures
  • Beautiful Natural Look
  • Wider applications than natural hard wood flooring
  • Porcelian wood floors and design
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Wood look porcelain tile and planks are ideal for homeowners that are looking for that natural feel without the concern of upkeep and wear.
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