“If Natural Stone Came with a label attached, it would read- I am a natural material. I am an individual unlike any other. Color and texture variations are inherent and make me beautiful. Imperfections are not defects but part of my charm. Take good care of me and I will reward you with a lifetime of beauty. Don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams, pave the way to them with stone.”

-Heather E. Adams & Earl G. Adams

One of our favorite quotes comes from the natural stone industry’s popular authors, Heather and Earl Adams. Often we have customers walk into our showrooms asking for a consistent design and consistent surfaces on their natural stone materials. However, we think they might have been directed the wrong way.

If you are searching for simple, clean, and predictable materials then natural stone should not be your first stop. Maybe you would rather enjoy wood flooring, carpet, or man-made materials.

Natural stone is known for its pure beauty, originality, and unpredicatable veining and designs. When you are looking for sheer creativity, elgance, and suspense then we reccomend you research or visit one of our showrooms full of natural stone materials, perfect for any construction project. When shopping for natural stone, you should always keep in mind that each stone, whether in tile, slab, or paver form is individual and created from mother earth herself. Try to shop with an open mind and the perfect stone will match your palette, personality, or theme.