There are a few things more symbolic of summer than standing by the grill with charcoal and tongs, and the wonderful smell as those hamburgers (or veggie burgers if you prefer) and corn on the cob are cooked to perfection. Sitting out on your backyard patio with an ice cold beverage is the perfect way to spend a summer day. As we become a busier society, our backyards and our BBQ’s are slowly forgotten. But let’s rethink what it takes to make us happy and why not re-discover the backyard kitchen?

The current trend in today’s economy is to save money by remodeling and rebuilding what you already own and love, therefore increasing living space by moving outdoors seems natural. Adding a patio with an outdoor kitchen or built in grill can double your public space and create the perfect location to entertain your family and friends. Think about your new outdoor paradise being an escape from everyday life, work, and school. You won’t need to take an expensive vacation in order to have fun because gathering around a fire pit will be perfect for getting re-acquainted with each other over a hot dog or s’mores.

An outdoor kitchen may also reduce electricity costs by reducing the need for Air Conditioning and lighting. Tom Moore, Showroom Manager of Bergammo of Italy, shares that outdoor kitchens hold their value and even increase the value of the home when its time to sell. “Outdoor kitchens are turning out to be one of the hottest trends of the past five years.”

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a natural stone box with a grate over the top or as elaborate as a completely outfitted space with a built –in grill, burners, refrigerator, sinks, work space, and dining area; everything you would find indoors, translated into outdoor materials. The appliances can be permanently installed or transportable into a protected area depending on weather. Your outdoor living space should be as unique as you are. The perk of adding a kitchen to your backyard is the ability to incorporate trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers into the mix – leaving endless opportunities only limited by your imagination.

Brandi Smith, Showroom Design Manager of Surfaces USA remarks that, “The average outdoor living space takes about four to six weeks to construct.” This number can vary considerably of course depending on the customization of the project. “It is imperative that you choose a professional and experienced designer, tile and natural stone retailer, and installer for your job. You should get it done right the first time with the correct natural stone materials that fit your project.”

No matter where you live, there is always the prefect time to be outdoors. Why not grab some food, gather your family, sit outside, and take a mini vacation in your backyard. But whatever you do, don’t forget to enjoy your summer all year long. Visit us at to browse through hundreds of outdoor design ideas and to purchase your materials online!