Shopping for mosaics can be fun and easy, as long as you are informed. Mosaics are a great addition to add to your next bathroom, backsplash, flooring, fireplace and many other interior or exterior surfaces. Here are a few useful tips that will help you narrow mosaic selection:

– Mosaics generally are sold in 12×12” sheets that come on a fiberglass mesh that have been glued on for easier installation process.

– Knowing how many lineal or square feet you will need for your project is THEE most important aspect. For instance, if your project requires the use of 4” strips for borders then when cutting them off a 12×12 sheet you have 3 strips of 4×12. or as I call it “a bang for your buck.” Also, if you have the need for insert keys of 4’x4” you will have a number of 9 inserts that came from that 1 sheet that look terrific in combination with your field tile in mind.

Just be creative, think outside the box. And if you cannot, then just stop by or call one of our five southern California showrooms to pick our creative brains!

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