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Supporting Communities, Building Hope

Surfaces USA is committed to being a respectful and engaged corporate citizen and is dedicated to building and supporting the communities where we live and work. We are proud to support our local communities by investing in a range of local non-profits who work to improve the lives of our children and youth. Each month we will highlight one of these non-profits and encourage you to join us in supporting their tireless efforts to improve the quality of lives for our children. Employees give back We also encourage all our employees to volunteer their time to support their local communities and are committed to paying our employees for up to 4 hours of community service each month. In the short time this program has been in place, our employees have already logged many hours of community service. We pledge to continue to build a community and business where all can flourish and grow, and we vow to continue to build our communities as we continue to build our business.  

How We’re Giving Back (Share your Shade)

  • Surfaces USA Supporting Communities and Building Hope


    We are proud to support our local communities by investing in a range of local non-profits who work to improve the lives of our children and our neighbors and we work to encourage other businesses to do the same. Each month we will highlight one of these non-profits and encourage you to join us in supporting their tireless efforts to improve the quality of lives for the people in our community who need a helping hand.

    We are also open to taking your suggestions for which charity we should consider helping next month. Please submit your ideas and an explanations to to be considered.


  • Four Ugandan Orphan Children Sponsored By Natural Stone, Granite, and Marble Supplier, Surfaces USA

    Located in central Africa, Uganda is amidst the oppression of the longest running Civil War on the African continent that involved ruthless rebels, hostile ethnic groups, and government forces all fighting each other. The war left countless communities completely destroyed leaving hundreds of children homeless, uneducated, starved, and vulnerable to disease. Through a Sponsorship Program offered by Children of the Nations, Surfaces USA covered costs for four children to receive education, medical care, daily nutrition, and an improved quality of life.

    According to the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, “U.S. charitable giving fell 3.6 percent in 2009.” An unfortunate statistic considering there are thousands of non-profit organizations that exist primarily because of charitable contributions, Children of the Nations being one of them. For 16 years, Surfaces USA has been known to support local, nationwide, and worldwide causes through volunteering or monetary means. Employees are encouraged to volunteer their time and Surfaces USA is committed to compensating their staff for up to four hours of community service each month.



  • Surfaces USA, Natural Stone Company is Fighting for Those Who Cannot Fight For Themselves

    “I Love ZOE because our house is so beautiful and clean. I have parents that take good care of me now,” says Nong a 16 year old orphan that has been rescued from an abusive home. Nong can now count on a comfortable place to sleep and can look up to positive role models thanks to the support of Surfaces USA in North Hollywood, CA.

    ZOE Children’s Homes is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing children who are orphaned, have been sold into human trafficking, and are victims of heinous crimes.  When the representative from ZOE introduced herself and began to speak about these children, Surfaces USA knew they couldn’t just stand around and do nothing! The company got involved by sponsoring Nong and hopes to be more involved with the organization. “It’s hard to believe human trafficking is still going on in the United States, let alone where most of the victims are children.”

    Surfaces USA will help ZOE Organization afford to care for children like Nong by providing housing, food, education, hygiene, healthcare, and clothing. Surfaces USA is also very involved with other child wellness organizations such as Children of the Nations, The Boys and Girls Club, and more.


  • Building a Home and Hope for an Underprivileged Family

    According to Amor Industries, an organization dedicated to organizing Mission Trips to help those in need, ” In Mexico, affordable housing is an impossible goal for millions of families. Consider the fact that national unemployment rates are close to 40 percent, minimum wage is set at 40 pesos per day (about $4), there are 21.5 million housing units and 22.3 million households, and that over 4.5 million Mexicans live in substandard housing.

    Surfaces USA employees heard these facts and set out to make a difference in the life of at least one underprivileged Mexican family. On Memorial Day Weekend 2010, three days and two nights were spent sawing and hammering wood, hand-mixing graut, and building a home without the luxury of power tools. Although, their hours of hard work and labor could not amount to the joy and satisfaction that came out of paticipating in the project.

    Carlos, Denise, Perla, and Etsend had been wishing to own their own home for ten years. Finally, Amor Ministries and Solana Beach Presbyterian Church with the help of 375 volunteers including Surfaces USA made their wish come true.

    With the money the Mexican family was spending on rent previously, they can now afford to finish their home by painting it, adding a septic system, purchasing furniture, and creating a home in which to raise a family.

    You can share this emotional experience with them by watching the short YouTube video below.



  • Surfaces USA Gives Back to Local Hospital

    Written by Stephanie Elgin

    Wednesday, 27 August 2008 05:41

    Is it time to give your home a new look?  There are many things to consider before you begin your renovation–let the professionals at Surfaces USA help you.  With the world’s finest quality natural stone product, Surfaces USA is an exclusive dealer in 12 western states and customers are guaranteed the widest selection and best quality of stone.  We are excited to offer Roma Stone, beautiful velvet finish granite, and limestone in honed polish.
    Surfaces USA strives to help clients create the home of their dreams, to make sure each client is totally satisfied; the customer always comes first.  Currently, there are seven Surfaces USA locations in southern California, providing quality stone surfaces throughout Ventura County, Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Clarita.

    From specialty mosaics to beautiful granite, marble, travertine, slate, limestone, porcelain, glass tile and ceramic, there are so many exquisite selections to choose. You won’t be disappointed.  Don’t wait any longer –beautify your home today with Surfaces USA.

    Surfaces USA is also committed to their community.  Recently, Surfaces USA donated a beautiful new granite wall in Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital lobby.  “The gift was valued between $20,000 and $30,000 with fabrication and installation provided by Surfaces USA,” stated Diana Vose, President of the Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Foundation, “All of us at Henry Mayo are so very grateful for this beautiful gift.  The granite absolutely transforms the Hospital lobby.  As we intend to recognize those who provide philanthropic gifts on the granite wall, we look forward to the first recognition which, of course, will include Surfaces USA !”

    Surfaces has also participated and made donations to the Boys and Girls Club and cancer hospital for kids in Los Angeles. They want to be active and give back to the community through fundraiser and charities.  They’re also “Going Green”—with a desire to make our community and world a better place.

    Let the professionals help you create the home of your dreams! Surfaces USA provides the largest selection available with great prices and quality products.  With a large inventory, new and innovating ideas and a knowledgeable staff, you’re satisfaction is guaranteed!


  • Giving Back to Our San Diego Community

    Chris, a Girl Scouts troop leader in Scripps Ranch, CA stopped by our Surfaces USA San Diego location in hopes of finding a company who would donate tiles for an art project. Sure enough Joe and Nancy Ward, general managers of the San Diego location welcomed Chris with open arms and gave her as many marble tiles as she needed at no cost to her or the troop. We love to support our community and our youth in as many ways as possible. We believe organizations such as Girl Scouts are beneficial and help ensure our children have a positive channel in which to grow. Thank you Chris, for showing your appreciation with this video testimonial. If you would like to have us support your cause or non-profit organization, please feel free to contact us with your request. You can e-mail us at
  • Paint This Resident Grateful

     By Natalie Everett

    Signal Staff Writer
    661-259-1234 x518 x517
    Posted: March 20, 2010  10:17 p.m.
    POSTED  March 21, 2010 4:55 a.m.

    Dan Allan hasn’t had a shower in three years.

    Four years ago, a blood vessel burst in Allan’s spine, causing irreversible paralysis from his chest down. He can’t fit his wheelchair into the bathroom of the Castaic home he shares with his wife Karen.

    But on Saturday, a crew of about 12 people from eight different contractors donning “Paint It Forward” T-shirts descended on the Allans’ home, stripping, spackling and painting the home they’ve lived in for 25 years.

    What started as a simple repainting job, and a request to replace six tiles in the linen closet, turned into more than $20,000 remodeling that would, by day’s end, allow Allan to shower in his own bathroom again.

    “I can’t wait,” Allan said, smiling, as he sat in his chair in their backyard Saturday afternoon, overlooking the beach-themed pool he’s had no use for since the injury.

    A. Allbright Painting started the annual “Paint It Forward” charity event. Since 2005, A. Allbright President Josh Abramson has donated tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of paint to families needing it.

    This year, Abramson solicited the help of Just SCV’s Best, a group of home remodeling contractors.

    Burke Pinto of Surfaces USA was the main contractor remodeling the Allans’ bathroom. The brightly lit, spacious bath now features beige stone tiles, a sliding door with a wide frame so Allan can access it easily and a much coveted mobile shower head.

    “We redid the plumbing, we moved the vanity, we moved the toilet,” Pinto said, admiring his crew’s handiwork.

    Karen Allan said all she asked for was repainting her son’s old bedroom, where her husband now has to sleep because it fits the medical equipment he needs.

    “It was bears and balloons. It hadn’t been changed in 22 years,” Karen Allan said. These were the sorts of things her husband would take care of before his accident. Since his accident, the projects were low on the priority list, she said.

    She credits her prayer box for winning the free services. Allan had found an advertisement for the event in a local magazine. She ripped it out and wrote a wish in gold ink, finishing with bold lettering: FAITH HOPE TRUST BELIEVE.

    She folded the page into a small square and placed it in the gray, heart-shaped stone box and left it there. About a month later they got the call that they’d been chosen.

    “It’s unbelievable. I’m in shock,” Dan Allan said.

    Abramson said he looks forward to the event every year.

    “Just having the ability to do it just by the talents you’ve been given, by the work of your hands, and the pleasure you get from giving… this is something we look forward to,” Abramson said.

    Pinto said he was confined to a wheelchair for a year after a motorcycle accident more than a decade ago.

    “It’s definitely a pleasure to do this,” he said.

    Karen Allan said they were ready to enjoy their golden years when the injury struck. It was June 2006, and their son Chad had just left home for college.

    Dan Allan spent decades working hard. He was a refrigeration engineer at NBC Universal. He volunteered around the community he grew up in, including installing an air conditioning system at his church. He coached youth basketball for years.

    Then he was injured, and their lives changed forever.

    “We were just always there for people, and now, people are there for us,” Karen said.

    “My husband is my hero,” she continued. “He was always the first to say enjoy each day to the fullest, because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

    Allan said her husband had spent years taking care of her, and now she’ll spend the rest of their days taking care of him.

    Companies that donated time and materials to the Allans’ remodeling were A. Allbright Painting Inc., Surfaces USA, Elite Flooring, Brodie Electric Inc., Anaya’s Window Coverings, Frady General Contracting Inc., Calderwood Construction & Plumbing Inc. and Preferred Glass & Windows Inc.