For bathroom and kitchen countertops, instead of installing the typical shiny polished granite, why not try changing up the finish for a drastic and modern feel? Honed is similar to that of a matte finish, and brushed is similar to a honed finished but with texture. The pricing on polished, honed, and brushed are comparable, yet you will receive a more sophisticated and unique touch in a very simple step.

Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes are typically the center focus of the entire room. Simply changing the size of your natural stone or glass backsplash materials will significantly update the surrounding areas. The different size tiles will give your space a more modern look, will include less grout joints, and will remind you a little of Europe. Some suggested size tiles for your renovated backsplash are 2×12”, 4×18”, 4×12”, 10×30”, 12x 24.

If you are yearning for a big change in your home without completely tearing down rooms or spending a fortune, then you might want to look into getting new flooring. Instead of your average square tiles, why not try planks? These are 8×36”, 12 x 36”, and 18 x 36” long rectangle tiles that drastically modernize any room, hallway, or living space. You can line up planks vertically, horizontally, diagonally, staggered, and straight but your finished product will turn out the same: beautiful. Or if a traditional Versailles pattern is more your thing, then why not try a more upscale and traditional jumbo Versailles pattern, also called Troy or California Pattern? This beautiful combination of large and medium tiles will open up a small space, and will allow you to make the most out of your area.

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