Solid surface countertops, such as natural stone have an enormous impact on the look and feel of your kitchen. There are numerous choices available. Aside from the pure aesthetics value, countertops options offer varying cost, durability and upkeep.

1) The first step in choosing an appropriate countertop material is to determine a budget for your top. Whether you’re buying counters for one room or every one in the house, give yourself a maximum price.

2) Second step is to get out there and shop, explore solid surface material options. Some of the most popular countertops are granite, marble, limestone and engineered stone; they range in price and function. If you’re new to refurbishing or replacing counters, you might want to looks at material costs before determining a budget.

3) Third step is to balance out the three factors of cost, aesthetics and durability and make your decision. Keep in mind that one factor will always weigh out another.  After evaluating the benefits of each material (pros and cons often overlap from one material to the next), you can then decide what’s right for you.

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