According to Amor Industries, an organization dedicated to organizing Mission Trips to help those in need, ” In Mexico, affordable housing is an impossible goal for millions of families. Consider the fact that national unemployment rates are close to 40 percent, minimum wage is set at 40 pesos per day (about $4), there are 21.5 million housing units and 22.3 million households, and that over 4.5 million Mexicans live in substandard housing.

Surfaces USA employees heard these facts and set out to make a difference in the life of at least one underprivileged Mexican family. On Memorial Day Weekend 2010, three days and two nights were spent sawing and hammering wood, hand-mixing graut, and building a home without the luxury of power tools. Although, their hours of hard work and labor could not amount to the joy and satisfaction that came out of paticipating in the project.

Carlos, Denise, Perla, and Etsend had been wishing to own their own home for ten years. Finally, Amor Ministries and Solana Beach Presbyterian Church with the help of 375 volunteers including Surfaces USA made their wish come true.

With the money the Mexican family was spending on rent previously, they can now afford to finish their home by painting it, adding a septic system, purchasing furniture, and creating a home in which to raise a family.

You can share this emotional experience with them by watching the short YouTube video below.



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