Glass tiles have become wildly popular in recent years because of the latest technological breakthroughs in cutting and installation. Not only are glass tiles resistant to water, they are fabulous because of their potential to impart intense color and reflect light.
In other words, glass allows you to harness the beauty of color and light in ways other products simply can’t; and it’s the ideal material for wet or constantly submerged areas. The most popular place to see glass tiles are in a kitchen backsplash, bathroom accents, showers, and even flooring.

-Glass Mosaic Tile

Surfaces USA takes glass tile mosaics to new heights with radiant colors and expert finishing. We offer varied patterns ranging from modern graphics to soft florals. Whatever your style, we can match a beautiful glass mosaic to your project.


-Glass Slab

Glass slab is starting to emerge in the American market. It has been widely used in Europe and Asia for the last two-three years. With technology changing so quickly, we are seeing some incredible new designs in glass slab. Instead of the traditional white slabs, we are seeing brown, gold, and even black tones making an impact in the market. As the market expands, we will start to see different surface finishes such as brushed and honed. Because glass is impervious to liquids, glass tile and glass slab are effective where stains are a concern.

-Glass and Stone Mosaics

This ancient art form of mosaics offers unlimited design options. The numerous colors, patterns, and materials can be combined to create works of art that enhance any environment, from traditional to modern.