Natural stone can be an intimidating purchase when you first start shopping for new hard surface floors.
Are you the person that says: “I don’t want a floor that busy!” or ” I only want it if each piece and look the same” or “I would get tired of a tile with all of that pattern”. We’re here to help you understand how to shop for natural stone and overcome some of the common obstacles that come along with it.

One thing to keep in mind when looking for natural stone floors or tiles that are made to look like natural stone is that you want to look at more than one piece of the tile or stone to get a feel for what it will actually look like. Place a few pieces on the floor and walk back several feet from the selection of tiles. This will give you a more accurate feel for how the whole floor will look when it has been installed. Most people tend to look at one sample about 4 inches from their faces. Think about it, how often are you looking at your floor from only 4 inches away!?!

When looking at a floor as an overall picture rather than one single tile or piece, you begin to see that the more range of color and movement a floor has, the more it has to offer. For example, think about a room full of white tile. Now think about a room full of stone with lots of colors and movement. Which one is going to be easier to keep clean and hide dirt? Which one are you going to grow tired of more quickly? The more range and movement a floor has, the more it will hide dirt AND the more color options you have to pull from if you decide to change the colors in your design scheme. White or a solid color can get old and boring very quickly. Floors with color and movement allow you to change the things around the floor giving you a fresh new look without being limited.

Because natural stone is a natural product, it will have variations in color, sometimes texture and pattern. Don’t be intimidated by this. These features make your floor unique. Because no two pieces of stone look alike, you can have the same type of stone floor as your neighbor, but it can look completely different due to its origin. Who wants a floor that looks just like someone else’s? Celebrate the beauty of the range in color and pattern and embrace its uniqueness. Natural stone floors are timeless and stylish options that you can plan to live with for many, many years.

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