The bathroom was once called the wash closet; and became a standard room in an American home during the 19th century.  They were built strictly for function.  For the most part wash closets were decorated in a sterile, white design. But with modern technology and the yearning for color, all that has changed.

A unique design that is simple and will add pizzazz to your shower is a tile picture frame. Usually locationed on a main center wall in the shower or tub, this simple addition will create a centerpiece that sets your bathroom apart from the rest. How do you shop for a tile picture frame?

1) Generally you want to select a field tile on the outside of the shower that is not busy, meaning the colors are not too intense and the veining is subtle.

2) Then select the size and color of the molding to go around frame. The color of the molding can blend in with the surrounding tile or it can be a contrast, depending on how much pizzazz you want to create.

3) Lastly, select the inside of the picture frame which can be a mosaic or a different size tile on a different angle.

Another idea is to create that same frame on the floor without molding and create a mirrored effect.

Please watch our short video for an example of matching and contrasting picture frame designs!