Kitchen Remodeling: Countertop Tips

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Planning the Look and Feel of Your New Kitchen

Once you’ve made the decision to remodel your kitchen, it’s important to start visualizing the styling elements of the look that you are planning to achieve. You may want to start thinking about your countertop material in the early stages of the project. The visual aspects of your countertop can surprisingly alter the feel and tone of your space. You also need to consider the characteristics of your cabinetry, such as the color and grain of the wood, to ensure that both counters and cabinets look well together. 

You may be a bit overwhelmed about the different types of materials, styles, and colors available for natural stone countertops. Take your time. Soon enough you’ll be able to discern which of these materials, styles, and colors will complement your kitchen design idea and eventually you’ll be passionate about a specific one. The kitchen countertop installation will be a breeze after you determine exactly what you want.

Start your process by asking yourself this question: Should I choose to be bold and daring by using bright colors and bold patterns?  Or do I want a more conservative look by using a more natural earthy tone? 

Choosing Your Natural Stone Countertop

For help answering that question, get yourself in front of the actual stone slabs. Visit local slab yards that have a large selection of material like Surfaces USA. Take a close look at the grain, pattern, texture, and color variation of the slabs and consider that differing lighting sources will produce a slightly different result. Ask the designer or salesperson at the slab yard if they offer samples before making a purchasing decision.

 Natural stone materials such as granite, marble, and limestone are a great way to give your kitchen the look you desire.  For heavily used kitchen countertops, consider granite as one of your top choices. Granite is one of the most popular and durable building stones due to its high density, weathering resistance, and beautiful variety of colors and patterns. It also has the ability to take a mirror-like polish and does not stain as easily as other, more porous natural stones.

Since it can be the focal point of a kitchen, you need to consider that the colors, textures, and patterns of your countertop should tie the entire space together.  From the colors of your walls to the materials and colors of your cabinets and flooring, there is an aesthetically pleasing natural stone countertop out there that can bring it all together.

Make sure you spend time with an interior designer and ask many questions to familiarize yourself with the materials. With an abundant supply of stunning natural stone from all over the world, you are sure to find one that’s right for you and your dream kitchen.


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