New & Featured Products
Surfaces USA is a direct importer of the highest quality materials and largest selection of natural stone and tile products. With an extensive array of colors, textures, sizes and patterns to choose from. We have everything from custom granite, ceramic, porcelain, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate and glass tile to choose from.
Two of our latest featured products are the Urth Glass Mosaic Collection sold exclusively by Surfaces USA and our Michelangelo Collections.
Urth Glass Mosaic is comprised of eight stunning collections to choose from and is offered in a variety of patterns, textures, sixes and colors to choose from. This series is mostly derived from a nature inspired palette, offering you rich hues and vibrant opacity fused together creating a truly unique and modern contemporary flow adding just the right touch of elegance and sophistication.
Michelangelo Collection
Our Michelangelo Collection is offered in four patterns to choose from the “Caprese, Madonna, Sistine and Palazzo” Lines, featuring a beautiful array of pixie stick mosaic linear tiles, comprised of a unique mix of limestone, marble, travertine and stainless steel. Mounted on a body of porcelain with a resin finish allowing for a high polish bringing out the natural vibrancy of the natural stones and colors.

2 thoughts on “New & Featured Products

  1. I tried asking questions through your live chat, but got no reply.
    I am a residential interior designer & need descriptions of a few of your products pictured on your website but for which I find no information such as material, origin, size, suitable applications, pricing.
    I am also a published writer, currently writing an article on stone & tile for Boulevard Magazine, serving West L.A., San Fernando & San Gabriel Valleys, & had hoped to feature one of your products but I need the requested information in order to do so, & give your company a ‘shout-out’.
    I need the information by end of business tomorrow in order to incorporate it into the article in time to make the Publisher’s deadline.
    Thank you.
    Ev Levin Gerisch
    elg design
    Sherman Oaks, CA
    818 788-2277 -ph; 301 383-5006 – cell

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