Urth Glass Mosaic

New Era collection features a rich mix of frosted and sleek glossy finishes that perfectly fused together to create a ridged wavy texture, which gives this collection a dynamic two-dimensional look.


3 thoughts on “New Era Collection

  1. I am also looking for a glass tile, 12×12, with browns, blues and green, the small skinny strip looking kind, do you have any pictures online of anything with that type of look? if so could you send me a link or something to view? Thank you!

  2. Urth Glass Mosaic, New Era Collection
    Can you tell me where this product can be purchased? How much does it cost? I am trying to find a linear glass tile to use as accent in my backsplash.

  3. I am looking for 625 sq feet Valls Porcelin tiles 13″x13″ to match existing flooring. I believe the distributer is EPC with the name on the tile box as Gres De Valls.

    Tuscany Beige

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