At Surfaces USA, we believe our employees should have a voice. Each of our staff members come to us with their own experiences, specialties, and knowledge of the stone and tile industry that we believe should be shared with everyone!  Each blog focuses on a different aspect of home improvement, including kitchen remodeling ideas, creative bathroom remodeling concepts, tips, tricks, and secrets to the industry. Make sure to follow the manager’s blogs, and check back weekly for updates!


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The Stone Revolutionary
by Lawrence Joss
CEO of Surfaces USA

The success of Surfaces USA is built on CEO Lawrence Joss’ intimate knowledge of natural stone. In this blog, you will be introduced to the trendy, innovative, and unique natural stones that are new to the market and are proprietary to Surfaces USA, or as Lawrence refers to them, as “Sexy Tiles.”



Passionate Countertops
by Brandi Smith, Interior Designer – CID, IDS, NKBA
Showroom Design Manager, Surfaces USA North Hollywood CA
How do you choose the right countertop material for your home remodeling project? Whether your project is to remodel a kitchen, a bathroom, or an outdoor living space, you need to know what natural stone or material will best suit your lifestyle and reflect your design. Beyond aesthetics, the material should be appropriate for the application. Follow Brandi’s Blog to find out the differences between the granites, limestones, marbles and solid surfacing



Design Therapy
by Van Williamson
Showroom Manager & Interior Designer of Bergammo

Mosaics are offered in numerous shapes  colors, and sizes, allowing you a world of limitless possibilities for any home or office remodeling project. Rest assured knowing that by following Silvia’s blog, you will learn all of  the tips, techniques, and tricks to finding the perfect mosaic for your project.



Hot Company, Cool Showers
by Joe and Nancy Ward
Store Managers of Surfaces USA, San Diego CA

One of the major parts of home remodeling is bathroom and shower installations. This is also the area where most Do-It-Yourself homeowners find the bulk of their challenges. Joe and Nancy Ward will educate you on shower designs, proper installation methods, and they’ll take you through the entire bathroom remodeling process from start to finish.  This fierce stone expert team will also take you along to their job sites, demonstrating where damage and mold can occur in the bathroom and alert you on the steps to take to avoid mold in your home!



Granite Here, Granite There, Granite Everywhere
by Al Cortez
Interior Designer and Sales Representative  of Surfaces USA, Oxnard CA

Just like people, no two granites are exactly alike. With the enormous variety of color combinations and veining patterns available, choosing the right granite for your home can be a bit overwhelming. Did you know, by not having to compromise durability or maintenance, granite has quickly become a part of the most popular look of today’s home? Follow my blog to learn quick tips about Granite, including how to clean and maintain it!